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    Study Spanish

    CEELE: Quality Certification in the Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language, granted by the Spanish Department of the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, which accredits the quality of the teaching of our academy.

    Chamber of Commerce of Madrid: Accredits the quality of our Spanish courses that are dedicated to specific vocabulary; Business Spanish, Spanish for Tourism, and Spanish for Health Ciences.

    Would you like to learn Spanish while enjoying life living in Barcelona?

    Meytaqui Academy gives you the best options: we offer you a Spanish language course in six different levels, with a schedule suitable to your needs, all in our welcoming facilities situated in the city center of Barcelona.

    With our teaching method, planned by qualified teachers specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, you will learn Spanish in a dynamic and quick way.


    How do I sign up to a Spanish course?

    To sign up to a Spanish course please fill out this form.
    We will answer you as soon as possible, informing you about all conditions.


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  • Information about prices here

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    You can download the program for free.

      • Small Groups
      • Specialized Teachers
      • Guarantee - Quality of Teaching
      • Conversation Groups
      • Flexible Schedules
      • D.E.L.E. Exam Preparation

    curso de español

    Study Spanish in Barcelone

    General Courses

    • Semi-Intensive Course #1 (20h/week) 20 hours of Spanish classes weekly for all levels.

    • Semi-Intensive Course #2 (20+5h/week) 20 hours of Spanish classes weekly for all levels
      +5 hours of cultural classes.

    • Intensive Course (25+5h/week) 25 hours of Spanish classes weekly for all levels
      +5 hours of cultural classes.

    • Very Intensive Course (30+5h/week) 30 hours of Spanish classes weekly for all levels
      +5 hours of cultural classes.

    • Conversation Courses. Gives you the opportunity to practice Spanish in everyday situations. We practice the language through talking about various topics that improve students understanding and communication in many social situations. To take full advantage of this course it is advisable to have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

    • ONE TO ONE (private classes) 60 minute private lessons aimed at executives or students who wish to receive tutoring or reinforcement. Schedule is chosen by the student.

    • Intensive ONE TO ONE (private classes) private lessons aimed at executives or students who wish to receive tutoring or reinforcement. Schedule is chosen by the student.

    • GOLDEN AGE Course. The Golden Age course is our standard Spanish course. The biggest difference is that the extra activities are more social and culturally related and are created to cover social topics such as, Spanish food, flamenco, and visits to museums. The classes have about 10 students and 15 to 20 lessons per week (40 classes in total). The classes focus on grammar, vocabulary, language and Spanish culture, and are based on an active participation by the students.

    • SPANISH + SALSA + Course. Semi-Intensive course + 5 hours of Salsa classes.

    • SPANISH + FLAMENCO Course. Semi-Intensive course + 5 hours of Flamenco classes.

    In addition we offer Holiday courses; a special course! Take advantage of your Christmas break to learn Spanish in Barcelona!

    These courses are beginning from Level A1 up to Level C2, moving through Levels A2, B1, and C1, according to the reference levels and Curriculum in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

    Once you have reached a level of competence you will be able to enroll in specialized courses.

    Professional and Specialized Courses

    Meytaqui has a department dedicated for those who need Spanish for professional needs. These courses are executed by experts in the business sector and are for those who already possess a working knowledge of the Spanish language.

    • Spanish for Tourism: Those who are employed in business sectors such as, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels etc. can enroll in this course which focuses on specific terminology needed to handle any type of linguistic situation whether written or spoken.
    • Juristical Spanish: This course is geared to people who are working or are studying in a field of law. The program is based on different legal arguments in constitutional law, administrative law, private law, labor law, and criminal law.
    • Spanish for Health Sciences: This course is aimed at students who want to enrich their vocabulary with health sciences for professional reasons, such as doctors, nurses, medical staff etc.
    • Spanish for Business: In this course you will learn the basics about Spanish for business needs. Ideal candidates for this course are future professionals who want to join a short term or long term labor market in Spain or in Latin America. Our flexible timetables allow you to start the course at any time.
    • Preparation for the D.E.L.E. exam: Intensive preparation courses for the official exam offered by the Cervantes Institute. The courses starts two weeks to a month prior to the final exams (exam dates May, August, and November). These courses will address both the rules and the strategies needed to overcome this test. We focus on each part of the subjects presented in the test: listening, oral comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and written comprehension.
    • History of Art: This course is geared to people willing to extend their knowledge about the Spanish art history. The student will know the art language. In these lessons the student will study different styles and period of the art of Spain.
    • History of Spain: This course is geared to people who want to know the history of Spain. The student will get in touch with the general history and the main history aspects of Spain, starting from prehistory untill the history of today.
    • Culture of Spain and Latin America: This course is geared to people who want to know the culture of Spain and Latin America. These lessons will give to the learners the presentation of some Latin America and Spain regions. Moreover, the student will learn the most important aspect of the history of Spain and Latina America as well as relevant issues of the present reality. The popular culture, artistic culture and the presentation of the media of the countries. 


    Additional information about the courses here

    • The courses begin each two weeks, reduced groups from 5 to 8 students

    • Enrollment fee 65€

    • Classes last 52 minutes

    • Books are not included: 20-40€ for each level

    • You can study these courses during your Christmas holidays too!

    Enrollment Terms and Conditions here

    The students of Meytaqui Academy
    At our academy we care about you. We know that students' needs are various. We always offer the BEST QUALITY to meet the particular interests of the students.
    Our students come from allover the world. This gives you the possibility to get in touch with new people and live new experiences. Some of our students live in Barcelona so you can easily get integrated in the dailylife of the city. Our combination of courses makes an INTERNATIONAL and GENUINE atmosphere in our Academy.

    Our prices are cheap and affordable to everyone.

    How can I ask for a Spanish language course at Meytaqui?

    It is easy, just write us an email: info@meytaqui.es or fill out this form.
    We will answer you as soon as possible informing you about all conditions.


    • We offer you a GOOD QUALITY of courses and CHEAP PRICES.
    • The school is located in a CENTRE PLACE (EIXAMPLE) Barcelona.
    • We have an EXPERIENCE OF 28 YEARS in TEACHING METHODS concerning foreign languages.
    • We are a welcoming school who takes care about all student needs.
    • All our teachers hold university degree and a wide experience; they also have a special qualification
      to teach Spanish language for foreigners (ELE). They create a great atmosphere in order to
      give you a FUN, EASY and DINAMIC way of learning Spanish.
    • We guarantee the reliability and quality of our education.


    Our greatest success is your personal satisfaction and the achievement of your objectives.


    More information about the prices here
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