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    Flight attendant


    The world becomes more and more globalised and at the same time, the need of flight attendants increases. This makes the flight attendants attractive on the labour market. Besides providing you with the usual flight attendant qualifications our education also gives you the possibility to learn Spanish. As Spanish is a language spoken worldwide this will without doubt be an extra asset for you when you are going to apply for a job.

    One of the great advantages, when working as a flight attendant is that you will get the possibility to see other parts of the world. We offer you an official certificate approved by AESA - MINISTERIO DE FOMENTO, which gives you the permission to work as a flight attendant all over the world.

    Flight attendant is the job for you who likes to travel, practice languages, and get to know new people and cultures!

    During the education YOU WILL BE PRACTICING IN: airports, in aircrafts, in pools and at the Fire Department in Barcelona. After having completed the course, the student will receive a certificate. When having obtained the qualification for the aircraft types the student, being in possession of the certificate, is able to work, in both National and International airline companies.

    WE ARE IN CONTACT WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT AIRLINES and this gives you a great opportunity to enter the labour market after having completed your education.

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    To read the pdf you need to have Acrobat Reader installed. You can download the program for free.
    Course Approved by AESA

    Theoretical part:

  • Basic knowledge of aviation
  • Human factors
  • Hygiene, aviation medicine and first aid
  • Normal operation, security, emergency and survival
  • Dangerous goods

    Practical part:
  • Aviation and weather forecast
  • Human factors and CRM
  • Aeronautical rescuing
  • Normal procedures and emergency rules
  • Fire and smoke
  • Dangerous goods
  • Survival in extreme situations

    The Spanish course:
    The duration of the Spanish course is five months. 160 hours the first month and then 20 hours every week during the last four months.
    The Spanish course takes place in our school building at C/ Provença 104.


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