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    Frequently Asked Questions
    TCP Course


    Frequently Asked Questions
    Spanish Course for International Learners

    Answers TCP COURSE

    Why does the TCP course require a medical test?

    Because the standards of the State Aviation Safety Agency require that the assessment is made to all candidates prior to enrollment. This medical examination can not be done at any health center, only a medical facility approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency has the authority to do so.

    Will I need a Guarantor?

    You will only need to fulfill a medical test.

    Is there a minimum height limit to register on the TCP course?

    No, there is no minimum height limit.

    What is required in order to be a Flight Attendant?

    In order to be a Flight Attendant you need to have completed the course successfully and have obtained the certificate issued by the State Agency for Aviation Safety. You must also make sure that your CIMA (medical) is valid.

    Is it necessary to re-take the TCP course?

    Since 2005 your qualification will not expire as long as your CIMA (medical) is still valid.

    Are there any practical sessions on the TCP course?

    All practical sessions necessary to those wishing to become a fully trained Flight attendant are available at the MEYTAQUI ACADEMY. It is the only school that uses a real plane with separate simulator ramp evacuation drills, real fire training and safety practice, opening emergency window demonstrations, and door and simulator training sessions, all approved by the State Agency Aviation Security (Ministerio de Fomento).

    Does the ACADEMIA MEYTAQUI have a Labour Exchange center?

    ACADEMY MEYTAQUI, is proud to be a LEADING SCHOOL in aviation training which boasts 28 years of experience. It is a well established and recognized course amongst all major commercial airline companies of whom contact us for the recruitment of our students after graduation.

    ¿Is English one of the subjects covered on the course?

    Yes, the subject Aviation English is included in the course.



    How can I register?

    In order to enroll you must book your place at least two weeks before the school starts. In some cases we accept last minute bookings , however we recommend applying for courses in advance. You can contact us via the contact details found on this page.

    How can I book the course?

    The course must be paid for in full at least 2 weeks before their start date.

    When will I receive confirmation of my application?

    Once you have completed the form, we will contact you to inform you that your place has been reserved. Enrolment is confirmed by paying the total amount of the course, at least three weeks before their start date. In addition, when you arrive at the academy you must bring two passport photos and a photocopy of your ID so that we can process your registration.

    How can I pay for the course?

    There are two payment options: via the internet or by credit card. In the case you are already in Barcelona you can pay cash. Both options can be found here.

    Is all study material included in the price of the course?

    No, the study material is not included in the price as it is specified in the General Conditions.

    Are there courses for absolute beginners?

    Yes, Meytaqui Academy offer courses starting from the beginning (A1 and acquire a basic level of Spanish within two weeks.

    Are all of the teachers native Spanish speakers?

    All our teachers are native speakers and university graduates with specific training and experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

    How many students are there per course?

    In Meytaqui our groups have a maximum of 8 students per class, thus ensuring personal attention to the needs of all our students.



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